How will my child’s auditory processing skills be assessed?

At Little Ears the assessment of your child’s auditory processing abilities is carried out over two appointments. The primary reason for this is to ensure it is appropriate to assess your child’s auditory processing abilities. Secondly, by splitting your child’s assessment into two appointments we aim to minimise the effects that poor attention and poor motivation may have on your child’s results.

Image-1Prior to your child’s first appointment you will be sent a Parent Questionnaire and Teacher Questionnaire to complete. These questionnaires provide valuable information regarding your child’s listening and other behaviours, assist in determining whether an auditory processing assessment is appropriate for your child, and if so what tests would be the most appropriate to administer. Occasionally it may be recommended that your child be assessed by another medical / allied health professional prior to continuing.

The assessment involves a number of auditory tests (listening games) that target different auditory processing skills. Your child may find some of the listening games challenging and small breaks may be required. There is no invasive testing involved in an auditory processing assessment. In fact some children find the listening games fun!

The initial appointment takes between 45 minutes to 1hour.

The second appointment takes between 1.5 hours to 2 hours depending on whether your child requires any breaks. Your child’s results are discussed in detail at this appointment. Following you will be provided with a comprehensive written report highlighting your child’s auditory strengths and weaknesses, along with management advice and recommendations.

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