“To all the staff at Little Ears, Thank you so very much for your amazing and understanding customer service. It is not without gratitude. Service like yours is few and far between these days.”
– Kloe (October, 2016)

“Dear Caitlin, Thank you for your report – you really made an impression on Trinity, she spoke about you the entire trip home (2.5hrs) – “mummy, Caitlin this, – Caitlin that, – my new friend is an ear doctor, – what is an ear doctor”. She told me about the ear plugs the noises, the games and apparently you were funny and her new friend. We very much appreciate you seeing Trinity and reassuring us that it is not a hearing loss. Many Thanks again”
– Rachael (October, 2016)

“Hi Nicole Thanks for the report. It was our pleasure to watch you at work :)
The best medical appointment I have been to so far – thank you”
– Toni (September, 2016)

“Thank you so much for your time and help with my son yesterday. You had his personality and mindset worked out to a tee and I am very relieved and grateful that we now have some better tools to move forward with and get him help. Thank you also for the way you interacted with him and the way you let him know what he can improve on. Leaving your office yesterday, he was very positive and in a great mindset.”
– Heidi (September, 2016)

“Nicole, Thank you for your assessment of my son and for forwarding on your report. You have an excellent ability to interact and engage with children you are working with. I would highly recommend you to anyone requiring assessment, information and support in this area.”
– Trudi (November, 2015)

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